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Teh beat2 Teh beat2

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you dont even know man. YOU ARE!!!

Hardcore Techno Sensation 2 Hardcore Techno Sensation 2

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

not hardcore

hardcore is fast, like 180+ bpm this is definally about 150.

|-Zombienationz^BETA^-| |-Zombienationz^BETA^-|

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did u custom that midi or wht!!! your vers is awesome! could use some more fill, i heard like 2 things the whole time

Over Heaven (On Heaven RMX) Over Heaven (On Heaven RMX)

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dark fear ! dark fear !

Rated 5 / 5 stars


SCARY!!! i really wanna hear the whole thing! osunds like it will be amazing!!!

MuSic-Creater responds:

yea i will work on this one BUT. I NEVER WORK ON A SONG WITH headphones.. gess what my headphones broke.. =( good thing it wasent my exspensive one. lol! and my exspencive one onnly one side works OMFG this tics me of!! i hope there fixed buy next week.

VM Evolution of MitroxPre RMX VM Evolution of MitroxPre RMX

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good use of orchastal hits, they are hard to master >:( haha but yea this is awesome some of the beats are like a little tiny bit off really good tho! this is real techno! i do hae a question: what is the melody??? ahhhh im too used to a melody hehe i love it tho! i would like to know if you could remix one of my songs? or i could do one of yours?? =D im working on a new one so mybe even a vers =D haha well see yo round ^_^


MuSic-Creater responds:

yea they are.. some beats in my song were of beat. yea mabye i cna remix one of ur songs. nkow whats funy?
I DONT EVEN NKOW WHAT MELODY mean lmfao. ye ai could let u do one of urs also excepti dont have aim. >:{ lol i should creat one soon. laters dude i htink of what song i can remix of urs. and when i have aim ill tell u laters.

X'Digital - Dark Time [Demo] X'Digital - Dark Time [Demo]

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GOOD!!! but different.. i think it ended too soon =P i like your long songs =D hehe this doesnt sound like x'digital!!! more like ksjafklsdjfj still aw3some sounding! (whoa i didnt mean to do that!) but yea =P your way ahead of everyone! your music is inspiriing YAY!


Draze responds:

- ksjafklsdjfj must be pretty awesome ;)

-Techock - -Techock -

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Wow, Techno industry at its best...

...BUT it does need some big thick fucking master bitch kick! like kill all die mutha fucka kick haha! this is so friggin sick!!! love it! more of techno than industrial though, needs the bass!!!!!!! sdlkjhgfa;f so fucking sweet listened to it 5 times before going to myspace, i would love to put it on my mytspace thoguh!! how cool! ^_^ tell me if u got a music one is its cool yo! and maybe check my techno/dance stuff, its pretty bassful! haha this song is so moving, every aspect is insane, you took alot of effort and you deserve a ton of credit!!!! theres just that one thing you should look into, maybe not even need to, a few more of these tracks and w00t!!! record deal baby!!! anyways holla back sometime! maybe like a collab or vrs if u ever wanted =D and what program do you use? just curious to see if u use garageband! doesnt sound lke it, but hey! neither does mine and i use it. yay! so yea, see you round man! PEACE

Waterflame responds:

wow.. lol. thanks ^-^ no i dont use garage band, infact i never tried it..
thanks for the long feedback! :) glad you like it, altho i still don't see why ppl like this better than the fixed ver.

i use fruity loops studio :)

yea sure, colabs is always fun, just hit me up,
(and everyone else that wants to do one)

Until the Dawn of Forever Until the Dawn of Forever

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in love!!!

this is very emotinal!!! like in a good way, it was moving, could have used more kick in the beat, deeper and thicker maybe? haha yo what uh program thing u use? id like to do a collab ^_^ or a vrs or whatever the hell it is =D see yahz

Xylence responds:

Konnitchiwa!!! I COME IN THE NAME OF SEXY PINEAPPLES... er... thank you for your patrionage person from the otherside. Er... Yes, I use FL 6, and I'm trying to lay the lines on Logic. Yes indeedy... uhm... Peace to you and thank you for the kind review.


Draze - Neverland Draze - Neverland

Rated 5 / 5 stars

total awesome!!!!!!!!!

fades kinda uneven i guess? lol i dont know the bpm of it =P but i was like holy motherefingshit this rapes B0UNC3!!!!!!!!!! =P love it to the extrme maxx times 18 all of your traxx RULE!!! make a cd make a cd!!!! i would buy just so you could make money ^_^ and i would buy one for all my friends even though they hate techno haha

Draze responds:

Lets tie B0UNC3 to a pole and burn him!! He's no longer needed at newgrounds (hehehahmwuahahah) ok i don't mean that.

This track is noob compaired to some of the stuff i'm putting together for my cd ;) i'm determinded to get a record deal before mr bouncey *evil laugh*

So look out for an albumn named 'Dusk Dance Dawn' in 10months maybe.

And the BMP changes about 30 times :P from 135 to 150; thx for reviewin :]
~ X-Digital